Friday, October 9, 2009

On Championship's Eve

This morning, I awoke to my wife, Dreadnought, sitting upright in the bed at 6AM and growling in pain. The clock's obnoxiously bright face told me it was five in the morning. Asking her what was wrong, I hoped she was merely having one of her bizarre nightmares where she sat up and, still sleeping, screamed out a warning to Harry Potter or attempted to fight the devil. Alas, she was awake and in the painful grip of a muscle spasm. Yikes.

Dread has always been unlucky in terms of injury or illness. Her father was shocked she had chosen roller derby given the various injuries she had suffered throughout her existence. To prove his worries wrong, she tried out, got in, and broke her tailbone. After recovering from that injury, she hurt her knee in a fall. Undeterred, she recovered and had become a vital member of the Nutcrackers. That fact was on my mind as I told her to stay home today, see a doctor and get a massage.

It turned out my instincts were right. A stop at Mount Auburn confirmed she suffered from severe muscle spasms. She is on a muscle relaxer tonight and should be all right for tomorrow. This was one of the first times we hit up the doctor to prevent further harm. It is a good thing. And as a skater husband, I want to do everything I can to see Dread in the championship.

Ha. The life of an athlete wife.