Saturday, December 19, 2009

The Celebration Station is open all month (Partying with NHRD).

Woooo! Award time!

My last post was about the Boston Derby Dames' award ceremony. While the league is my official "home" in the roller derby world, the ladies of NHRD have always been near and dear to my heart. Before the days of roller derby, I had the pleasure of knowing most of those ladies as I grew up. Knowing their real names before they put on the trappings of their derby personae can make for confusing conversations with some skaters ("Who is Beth, Pelvis?" I will be asked. "Oh, sorry. I meant [insert derby name] was the one who once hit me in the head with a sword."). Still, I'm normally great at keeping the curtain safely between the women and the Great and Powerful Oz(mas?).

Harmony Lix and Terry

Dread and I were picked up at home by Harmony Lix, who brought us up to her home to get dressed for the awards ceremony. Unlike Boston, NHRD demanded formal wear for the event. Dread and I looked damn fine, I must say.

Like many derby awards ceremonies, "Best Skater" or "MVP" categories are right up there with "Best Derby moment caught on tape" and "After party Hero." Tank'd Girl, winner of the last award mentioned, is in Ireland and could not accept the award in person. Whatever pub she's in, I'm sure she's living up to her honorific title.

Dreadnought and I both received awards for supporting the league.

My contributions are shouting out people's names on a PA, drinking water, and paying attention.

Talking with so may of the ladies, refs, and widows about NHRD and Boston made me feel the tendrils of this community wrap around my spirit and refuse to let go. It was in NHRD's warm embrace that Pelvis Costello, announcer, started his play-by-play career next to the Reverend Al Mighty. Now, along with New Hampshire's own Adam Furious, I hope to rock the mike up there for another season.

I did receive a second award that night. It was a skate wheel, spray-painted gold, on a ribbon. It was awarded to me for mentioning blockers and pivots during games. Of course I do. Those are the people who do the most hitting.

Like this!

A few more pictures of the night can be found here. Any more that people have of the night would be appreciated.

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