Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Playoffs over, Cosmos win!

The playoffs in September was a redemption story for the Cosmonaughties. After a defeated streak worthy of the Bad News Bears, Major League, and Ladybugs, the Cosmonaughties had their first win in the playoffs against the Wicked Pissahs and are now in the Championship against the undefeated Nutcrackers. Thus, I will don the chimp mask for another month, cheering the team as they play wife.

I've had the pleasure of cheering the Cosmos against the Nuts twice this year. Both times, they kicked are space brains in with steel-toed ballerina slippers. Truth to be told, there was no surprise to the victories. While the Nutcrackers had a substantial roster of veteran skaters, they were able to utilize the talents of their new break-out stars and build a dream team of all-star jammers and a defensive line that is devastatingly effective.

On the Cosmonaughties side, we've had some odd lineups that rely solely on jamming, with the pack cohesion being spotty and the defensive capabilities anemic. This was puzzling, especially because many of the players on the Cosmonaughties are by no means inferior athletes. However, the playoffs saw these great players finally pull it together and work as a team, not as a group of individual skaters wearing matching uniforms. They come into the Championship with their heads held high and ready to go. And I will be there, cheering on the team I mascot for and quietly rooting for my wife and the Nutcrackers, who have done everything in their power to remain the dominant force this season.

I've been asked repeatedly if cheering for the team my wife is playing against is odd. I answer, "I cheer her almost every day of the year, so I relish the days I get to heckle her." In all seriousness, I'm in an enviable position. At the end of the night, no matter who wins, I can leave the night knowing I backed the champions!