Monday, January 4, 2010

Something for the vigilant.

Happy New Year, suckas.

By the ravens of Odin, what a good start to the year. Apparently, I am now the official resident announcer of BDD and will be calling the first Massacre game of the season with my buddies, The Reverend Al Mighty and Lady Oshun.  I took Lady Oshun's spot at Nationals in 2009, so I feel that makes us buddies. The Reverend Al, however, continues to prove to me we have some sort of shared DNA or soul energy.

Another gig I've done for the lovely dames of Boston is that I interviewed Hayley Contagious of the Cosmonaughties. I hope I'll get to do more, as I have a real love of pulling a James Lipton (or maybe more of a William Shatner) on the derby ladies that shed so much sweat and blood to make you happy.

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