Friday, February 5, 2010

Can't wait until February 27th? Then go to this stuff.

While it's twenty-two days before Boston’s season opener, it doesn't mean that the rest of New England is waiting to get the “party started.” 

On February 12th , join me at  NHRD's Annual Heart Breaker's Ball!
This is the premiere event of New Hampshire's 2010 season. Doors open at Eight PM at the Yard in Manchester, NH. This year's theme -- it's a 50s and 60s style sock hop. 

What's the price? $5 with a costume / $7 without. Seriously, that's a steal. I was voted prom king last year, and I think there might be another King/Queen contest this time around. Help me win, or maybe you can become one-half of my dance-hall monarchy. I refuse to lose, so you'll likely be my opposite number. Wait, Tank'd Girl should win, too. Expect a bloody fight from the incumbent rulers of the floor (and your hearts)!

Head to for more details. 

While I have nothing but love for the party atmosphere NHRD provides, this celebration is merely sounding the horn of war. Unwilling to wait for an opponent to come to them, the ladies of NHRD are headed up to Vermont to take on the Green Mountain Derby Dames

The states of New Hampshire and Vermont have a long-standing history of distrust and differences of opinion. Check them out on any map. They’re two triangles wedged together in an uncomfortable rectangle of angst and political arguments. My tea party relatives often say, “Vermont's to the Left of New Hampshire," before picketing the rights of Hawaiians to have birth certificates or collecting unemployment checks with no sense of irony. Conversely, Vermont is like the person in the breakup who shows up with their hot new girlfriend to the same restaurant New Hampshire's at, and pretends to be surprised when New Hampshire storms out of the place. What a jerk you are, Vermont. What can mend the fences between these two turbulent triangles of land? Roller Derby!

The bout is on February 20th, at the Champlain Valley Expo in Essex Junction, Vermont. Buy your tickets here.

Come on out, as I will be calling play-by-play and I will need you to buy me beers so I do not go hoarse while explaining the game in the mighty Pelvis manner. I will also accept water, but it's not as fun.

Until next time, I remain your faithful hype man and shill for derby.

-Pelvis Costello


  1. Ah, Pelvis, it will be great to have a familiar face in the Vermont crowd!
    - May B. Knotty

  2. Crowd, schmowd. I'll be rocking the mike with the gusto!

    This will be epic.

  3. I can't wait. I love NHRD. You're ok too.