Friday, February 26, 2010

Delegation Station

Last night, as the stress of setting up the bout and finishing up my packet had begun to boil over, I was thankful to set it aside for a couple hours to work on the podcast with Three-Day Bender and SeƱor Macho Solo (download here). I was also able to interview Peter Rottentail of CMRD, who discussed Men's Derby and updated us about Central Mass Roller Derby's new lady teams.

Once the interview was over, the Power Jammers studio was transformed into a special effects workshop as we worked on the new Dragomir mask. The original prosthetic mold was based on the original Planet of the Apes masks. Now that I've passed the torch for the new season, we updated the mask to the one used by Tim Roth in Tim Burton's version of Planet. 

When you first receive the facial prosthetic, it's completely naked. The surface is an almost shiny yellow, giving it the appearance of badly burned skin.

It's got to be painted, so I made sure to get a bunch of the best Mehron makeup and setting spray money can buy for Peter to set up the mask. Here's where being an avid geek comes as an advantage.

Years of making monsters, painting models, and general Halloween antics made the work rather seamless. I was impressed with how fast the dude was getting stuff done. I didn't need to lift a finger, for Peter had this in hand. Was this what I looked like to Dread as I painted my first chimpanzee mask while watching Real Time with Bill Maher?

Hayley, the Cosmonaughties co-captain, came over just in time to see Peter complete a "dry fit" of the mask. While I don't have a picture of her reaction, here's as close to the end result I can show before bout day, which is tomorrow. 

 Take that, people's dreams!