Saturday, February 6, 2010

Whoa. I didn't realize how many people visit this blog. Hey! I was looking at the gadget on the side of this thing and wondered why there were so many hits from Arlington, MA, as I blocked my browser. Apparently, there are more derby enthusiasts around. Or, my in-laws just keep coming back to the page to see if I am talking about them. Well, now I have so you can check back tomorrow, knowing that I promise to only write that I love you.

Beverly Hills, CA and Kansas are my biggest WTF (in an awesome way) hits. Some of them were googled! So, for those of you looking for Black Widows or Derby players with "widow" in their names, I'm sorry to have confused you, but hope you keep coming back.

Well, Pelvis is headed up to New Hampshire today to wish his grandpa a happy 81st. Man, my grandparents and parents started their families young.

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