Wednesday, February 24, 2010

I came here to kick butt and chew bubblegum...and I've lost my shoe...

Two days before the big bout in Boston. We are already breaking records in online ticket sales, which reminds me to tell you to buy tickets fast, because they will sell out.  If you read this, and are in the Boston area, my warning has merit. If you just like to watch me write, don't go away, I'm going to peel back that curtain into the backstage planning of derby.

In an earlier post, "The Screams and Shouts when you get Burnt Out...", I touched upon the work that goes into bout production and how we put in a ton of effort each month to get stuff looking nice. We do it for the fans, for each other, for you. Planning the bout, recruiting staff, setting up a venue and making sure we have enough seats is a full-time job. You know people who throw those big arena festivals? Nevermind doing it once a it once a month, and with an all volunteer army.


Today is all about setting up half-time fun for the audience, double-checking every to-do list, and working on my grad school packet (yes, I actually non-derby work, but my fiction lately is all derby-related...thanks, ladies). Tonight, I meet with the announcers to discuss the bout runthrough from that perspective. In between the stuff, I've planned, I've fielded phone calls and emails ranging from the five-alarm alerts to the "dude, do you like stuff? Get back to me in ten minutes"emails that are not idle threats. For within ten minutes, I get, "Seriously, dude? Stuff? Y/N."

No. I do not like "stuff."

This year's bout production team are really a pleasure to work with, and I'm lucky to have them. Each of us brings something unique to the table, and I seem to share a brain with one of them, so it's pretty cool that I've not taken a corkscrew to my temple and lobotomized the two of us. 

Once the house lights of Shriners go down and the crowd starts cheering loudly, today will disappear in the fog of euphoria that I get every time I see a game start. The game will be called with the same "Hot Fire" I was breathing on GMDD and NHRD the weekend before. Reverend Al will be there. Lady O will be holding court over the intro and commentary fiefdom. And Pelvis Costello will continue to be your King of Smooth.

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