Sunday, February 7, 2010

Things to look for by the end of the month

Some of you may or may not know this already, but there's a podcast I've been a part of for the Boston Derby Dames. It's starting to take shape into something I can listen to without being hyper-critical about how my voice sounds, our bizarre rants, and "GarageBand" quality of the sound. We're not on the level of DNN...yet.

Anyway, the first "Powerjammers" podcast is up and you can download part one here and part two here (Both are rated "Mature" because the boys had potty mouths...that may change so you can listen at work). Part one's a recap of the Massacre's trip to Nationals and a heart-felt goodbye to some of our retiring skaters. Part two's a preview of the upcoming Boston game on February 27th. Also covered is merch maven Johnny Deep's hatred of the Muppets, YouTube tribute videos to dead cats, and monkey masks.

While this first podcast is raw, the new format's going to cover upcoming bouts, news, and other derby minutiae from around NEW ENGLAND.  In addition to registering a site to house our podcast, we think it's a great idea to branch the site out into other media, providing different types of coverage for all of the leagues that have been so welcoming to the crew I run with on a weekly basis. If you're interested in contributing, or have ideas on what or whom we should cover, email me at spacechimp drago AT gmail dot com.

This blog, however, is more universal...because Pelvis Costello belongs to all people.

Tonight, I'm attending Boston's scrimmage and I'm hoping to interview some of the home team captains about the upcoming 2010 draft.

Man, I love this sport.

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