Friday, March 19, 2010

The best part of the season is when your lady takes the track

Ask any derby widow what moment they look forward to most in a new season and, if they're smart and worth being with, they will say it's the moment their woman first takes to the track. Whether it's the intro, or the first jam, seeing her out there should make your heart and gonads go all a-tingle. There she is: your missus, out there playing the game she loves as much as you, if not more. 

Tomorrow, I get my love tingles right away.  Dread's team, the Nutcrackers, are taking on the Wicked Pissahs in bout one of the sold out Boston Doubleheader. While I will keep my utter love for this woman in check on Saturday, I wanted to say right here... I love her.

photo by Erin Caruso

Tomorrow, watching her play will certainly cut down on the bout stress that comes from being part of a triumvirate in charge of bout production and an announcer. Whereas last month's bout was all about putting out fires, I think I will just revel in Dreadnought lighting up the track. And calling the game. Yeah. Because I still need to do my job.

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