Monday, March 22, 2010

Doubleheader Two rings true!

The sold-out crew this time around was in a vastly superior mood compared to February 27th's season opener. Maybe it had to do with the dancing of Slam Chowdah and Anna Wrecksya. Likely, the weather, which was gorgeous, heightened the mood. Poppa Feevs, master of the derby tailgate, had been grilling since noon, so our parking lot smelled of sizzling meat and molten cheese.

The mood of the day was soothing. Instead of turning red from stress, I maintained my pale, default coloration. However, there were occasional hiccups in bout production that caused me to lose my typical smile, turning me into a slightly unsatisfied, alabaster gumby:

Really, man? Really?
(photo by Art Newberg...who is a talented dude)

But if that's the worst face I pulled, then we can call it a success. One of the things that surprised me were the sheer number of widows that had come early to help us set up the venue, three of whom left to wait in line to pick up their tickets and watch the game. Many people who help out do look for a few hand-outs, but not these gentlemen. Mr. Geddon in particular helps out without expecting anything in return. So thanks, dude. You're now internet famous.

I was interviewed twice, got to to do a plug for Silly Gillman, and I was able to call two games in the mighty Pelvis manner with Lady Oshun and Kevin Up. Though I missed most of the after party because I decided to help clean up the venue, I am happy to hear people had so much fun. Now, I need to finish reading The Sound and the Fury before Wednesday. I like it so far, but it's a far cry from watching three teams I love entertain over 1350 fans.  We need a bigger venue.

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  1. and next month we will get more than a PLUG