Friday, March 12, 2010

The reading, the continuing season, and happy times

Almost a week ago, I was writing to you from New York City about the reading I was going to do in Metuchen, NJ at The Raconteur.  It was, in a word, memorable. The Raconteur is a fantastic bookstore, overflowing with used books, DVDs and tchotchkes. The store's decor gives it the appearance of awesome attic and eccentric library. Sort of a Bugaboo Creek for literary types.  I went on first, and read a short-short called "Replacement" that had come from an email I almost sent to the man to whom I was going to give Drago. Who would have thought it could have actually been something entertaining.

The Nutcrackers couldn't be here, so I was a cheap stand-in.

Two men in the audience laughed pretty loud at some of the lines. One was Mike Edison, who has been a pro-wrestler, punk guitarist (worked with GG Allin),  pornographer, and writer/editor. The other, was Juan F$%^ing Epstein from Welcome Back, Kotter. My brain almost bled. 

The other people in my class often remind me of how talented they are by breathing in the same room I inhabit. Getting to hear seven of them read for fifteen minutes at a time was revelatory. 

So, I made it home in time to start working on bout production, my school-work, and Power Jammers. It's a decent life. What makes it truly beautiful is that I came home to Dread, with whom none of this would have occurred in the delicious sequence I have enjoyed. 

Tomorrow, I go up to Burlington, Vermont again to watch GMDD take on the Utica Clubbers. I'm doing it solo, so this should be an odd experience for me.


  1. Juan F'n Epstein!!! You and I need to make a writer's lunch date or drink session. We have SOOO much to catch up on.

  2. You are completely correct, T. It is important.

  3. I should have, but didn't, realize you are an well traveled writer. Nice work.