Monday, March 15, 2010

Widow pride

The Boston Derby Dames were in their second season when Dreadnought joined. MySpace was still the king of online social networking (where people like "Digital Boob Angel" would send you friend requests and it seemed easier to point to the name and say, "This, Mom, is why we should keep our conversations on the phone"). On my MySpace account, I was sent a friend request from the "Boston Derby Dames Roller Derby Wives Club." It was run by Triple Deck-Her's Bottom Floor, who was instrumental in getting after party food for the bouts.

While she and I were friends, it was rare to see us out making omelets and partying with the other widows in our league. I believe the distance between widows is shrinking, and certainly there are pockets of Boston widow running crews, but it's also a relief that we're not all forced together on mandatory play-dates like the toddlers of uncool, wine-swilling socialites. "You two would love each other..." Right.

Of course, the culture in every league is different.  Some leagues party more, some have great senses of humor, and some leagues are so intense you wonder if they'd descend into chaos if someone passed wind in the middle of a bout setup.  Needless to say, each society of skaters can dictate how well their widows socialize. Vermont, thankfully, has such a great group of ladies that their widows and widowers seem to have formed a team of their own:

Look at those shirts. They had them ordered from Arizona and gave them out before the bout started. Sharks and Jets be damned, there is a new gang in town. In this case, you see a sort of working-class athletes' wives club, proud of their girlfriends and partners, and unafraid to to form a drunken pyramid, but do you want to dance fight against them? I didn't think so.


  1. Deck's Bottom Floor - JRoMarch 15, 2010 at 1:41 PM

    ha, omelets. i am glad we can be derby friends for a few hours out of every month at a bout. :)

  2. Totally, JRo. Let's bring a Foreman Grill and make this omelet a reality.