Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Give what you get.

The ladies of NHRD, as you know, have given me a lot. Whereas Boston is where I drop anchor in the derby world, it was in the waters of New Hampshire where I was able to clear my throat and start out my career as an announcer. It's also one of the places in derby where I am not a widow. Here, I'm their announcer and friend. The fact I'm married to Dreadnought, a skater with whom they have a great rapport, is an added bonus. Before I leave this paragraph, here's a visual to go with all of the boat/ocean metaphors in this paragraph:

The squid is roller derby, the whale is my attention. Neither of them are ships...but both are in the sea... Metaphor consistency = C-

Being an announcer in NHRD is relatively stress-free. It hearkens back to the days before I began volunteering several hours of my time to this sport. But in New Hampshire, it has been easier to help because I'm not tethered to any of them by a ring or sleeping arrangement that gives anyone license to take me for granted. Likewise, I do not take my position up there for anything other than what it is: friends helping friends. Apparently, I wasn't the only one who loved this league.

Boston skaters, refs, and other volunteers were there to support the skaters of New Hampshire in a way that we have not in a long time. NHRD often comprises twenty percent of BDD's support staff. This time, we returned the favor with interest. Not only did Boston swell the security ranks...but they also filed into the stands and beer garden.

It's a good thing to see a community that is symbiotic. New England Derby, for all its variations, fights between individual skaters, and stresses is actually a unique coalition of ladies and gentlemen who so love their sport and each other that they help each other out on a weekly basis. I can't speak for anyone else, but helping out in a league where its success and failure is not the primary concern makes me feel refreshed.

Now if one of the people in New Hampshire can own up to infecting me with this cold, I won't change my mind on how much I value that league.

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