Friday, April 2, 2010

Goblin's going to Grandma's and Ari's man of the house...

Dread and I will be heading to Albany tomorrow morning. She's playing on the Boston B Party against Albany's Empire Skate Troopers. It's a decent drive, a little over three hours, which is what I do to go to school every six months anyway. With Spring in bloom, the trip across New England and then into New York will be a decent one, with the spring air only briefly fouled by exhaust and cow dung.

It will be an exciting journey, though we must leave our two roommates home:

A typical morning scene at the Costello/Dread household.

While Ari, our cat seems to have little interest in roller derby outside of rubbing himself all over Dread's sweat-soaked pads, Goblin's been in more than a few derby-related photographs. The most important of those photos was in the team photo of last season's Nutcrackers

I've rarely heard children or pets called "derby orphans," but that's probably because most skaters treat both better than they may the average spouse. As they should, for while a widow(er) is grown-up enough to deal with the heavy time commitment that derby demands, spawn and furry friends require the proper amount of time and energy in order to keep them from becoming juvenile delinquents or neglected pets. Envisioning Goblin and Ari in ratty jean jackets, burning down churches is funny, but I know we would never neglect them bad enough to turn them into copies of my neighbors from my ill-spent youth.  While our pets will be cared for in our absence, I'll miss them.

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  1. Can't have your pets becoming juvenile delinquents and children neglected pets...