Saturday, June 12, 2010

Life on the compound

As I've mentioned before, I am pursuing my M.F.A. in Creative Writing at Bennington College.  Many of you reading this blog have been, I believe, entertained by my nonfiction accounts of derby widowhood. Well, I hope in the very near future to have a few of my works of fiction published and available to you either via the internet or in books (that you can buy over the internet).

To hone my craft beyond its natural starting point, I went to Emerson. Peter Shippy, Alden Jones, Karen Lindsey, Pam Painter and Joe Hurka were among the notable people who kicked my fiction into high gear. Being a nontraditional student, when it came to graduate I knew there was no point in stopping at a Bachelors. I needed to go whole hog. If this education I am getting is ultimately for selfish purposes, then surely I needed to go to a place that matched my desire for enlightenment.

Hence, Bennington College. Here I am in front of our student center:

Reckon the end is nigh. (Photo by Art Lee)

While I love the immediacy of calling a bout, or cheering on Dread from the sidelines (something I don't get to do at all this season), writing has always been my first, greatest passion. Making a thousand people laugh while teaching them about the sport is wonderful. Writing about people surrounding the ladies on the track, however, that's been special. And what better place to write about derby than the forested hills of Southern Vermont?

Where every trip to workshop is a scene from Fellowship of the Ring 
(the walking ones, not the long talks in Elvish about being king
or kissing Liv Tyler's big bumhole lips)

The sheer amount of talent I interact with on a daily basis is staggering. These are my regional and national level skaters. And I'm not just talking about the faculty. 

There's also a tree filled with Mardi Gras beads. (Art Lee Photo)

Seriously, there is a tree near a place we call the End of The World that has Mardi Gras beads hanging from most of its branches. I picked myself a necklace to get over the jitters of my coming workshop. It's for the story that I mentioned in May's blog entry, "Open Skate." While eating today, I made this note:


For fear of going too far astray from the main thrust of this blog, I'll depart on the note that the past two days have been damn awesome, but I'm looking forward to coming home and moving Dread's skate bag out of the way so I can give her a big kiss and find out about how her bout against the Wicked Pissahs went. 

As you were, suckas.

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