Tuesday, June 8, 2010


Greetings from the tree-house.

It's day seven of unpacking in the Dread and Pelvis tree-house. As you can tell by the photograph I am not living in a tree, but an apartment that boasts a living room with three walls of windows and a ladder to my writing lair is certainly tree-house enough for this former chimpanzee. The wonder of the apartment is only lessened by the large mob of cardboard boxes of books and clothes. Many of which have only started to have been unpacked as we needed to find room for skating equipment and tutus first. Though the facts may be disputed, the following discussion took place.

As we began to unpack our clothes and put them into the closets, Dread was unsure that we would have enough room for our clothes in just two closets and one of the IKEA sectionals that had stood at the foot of our bed in the old apartment. 

"Given the benefit of two bedroom closets," I said, "I think we only need one of the sectional things, as we can put coats and winter clothes upstairs."

"Yes," she replied, "but I am pretty sure that we won't have enough room as both closets are almost filled."

She was correct. The closet was filled with dresses, lady-sized t-shirts, and a hell of a lot of shoes. Most my clothes were still in boxes. 

"Well, I guess I can put my stuff in the sectional." I said. Then I looked into the shelves. 

Crap in a hat.

 Of the four wire drawers, two are filled with tutus and derbywear. One is filled with bras and undies (but half of each are mine, so I should relax on that) and the other with socks...but not ones I wear. Don't get the wrong idea, Dread's by no means selfish. She unpacked in order of what she needs right away. And before toothbrushes, dishes, or food, we needed the derby clothes out for she still needed to attend practice in order to bout in two weeks. Still, a dude needs his living space, no?

Afraid of being lost in a sea of sports bras and stinky knee pads, there was but one option for me. 
Take the Living Room Back by force.
The thought of reassembling my old LARP crew to maintain claims to prime apartment real estate, while thrilling, quickly passed. Instead, I took to the heavens and scaled a ladder into my own, happy hidey hole.

The loft had been awarded to me prior to move in, with Dread to take the attic as a studio space, and place for derby-related items. In a day, I was able to unload a few things and make a decent office...


Once set up, I had to focus on writing the last of my packet to send to my professor, Tom. Meanwhile, Dread did this:

This posed photo represents how quickly she made that damn attic look way awesome.

 We are rapidly unpacking, and I hope to have most of this done before I leave for Bennington. Thankfully, we now have enough room in the small hallway to keep Dread's stinky derby bag out of my way. 

Oh, for Fu---


  1. Before I sound like a total monster, I promise I unpacked those boxes of clothes because they were the ones nearest the closet. ;) I totally agree that the tutus belong upstairs so you don't have to wear floor pants.

    I do deserve every single crack about the stinky derby pads, though.

  2. Do they have their own space or do they float around, being kicked to every other space not inhabited or yet contaminated?