Monday, August 23, 2010

Coming to you live from the Provincetown Hive: An update for the regulars

While sitting in the Wired Puppy in Provincetown, I have been witness to how the rain and chilly temperature has turned one heterosexual father into a social terror that demands his drink for free over some petty detail. The exchange with the owner wasn't very pleasant, but as he and his family are now leaving, I am relieved and proud that I didn't shoot my mouth off and jump to the defense of the owner, as it would have prevented me from enjoying my coffee and figuring out how I wanted to attack this post about Dread's roller derby quilt, which was a bigger success than either of us could have expected.

Dreadnought's art reception was even more well-attended than our wedding. Many members of New England's roller derby leagues with whom Dread's had the most contact were there. Boston, NHRD, CMRD, and Pioneer Valley were in attendance, as were several referees, announcers, and derby widows. Like our wedding, folks showed up in exciting attire, for the ladies and gentlemen came in their uniforms or derby t-shirts. A few were even on skates. Unlike our wedding, we were down a baseball-wielding Caesar.
About to lay down empirical law
Though my grandfather was not there, my mother's mother was, which ruled.

The installation was gigantic. There were a total of three artists in the space, but Dread's work took up two walls. It was hard, however to comprehend the scale of the display when seventy-five to eighty people have come to see it. There were more people in the room, but I am biased and care mainly for the folks I see every weekend. In truth, the derby crowd were respectful of the other artist, reviewing their pieces with the same reverence anyone would have at an art show, but there were moments that were decidely derby. It's rare, for example, for an artist to get a crowd to chant for them:

Dread Smash!

The assembled crew were a blessing. It felt great to be there and see Dread so happy. I was congratulated a lot, which was odd, as I hadn't really done anything except drive her there. It was a great moment in time.

Check out the sweet panorama action.

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  1. It was an amazing and heartwarming display she had. (The art and the people)

    So proud of Dread. If ever there was an inspiration in my Derby Life, Dread is it!

    (I love the High Five in the background of the panorama action)