Monday, January 24, 2011

While I've been away.

Greetings, derby world. How are you? You're looking pretty good. I assume you've been working out in the off-season. It's been a pretty good off-season. During that time, I've been able to re-commit to fiction, hang out with folks, and be voted third-best announcer on DNN.

So there are a 107 people who were on the computer during Christmas that like me... whoa.

First, thank you to everyone who voted. It was a really humbling thing to read over the Christmas break. Starting out as a fiance, then becoming a mascot, and finally becoming an announcer was a weird evolution, but like so many skaters trading in their fishnets for spandex leggings, it was an organic one.

I gave you a rundown of the things I loved about the previous season a month ago. Now, I want to let you know that a lot is going to go on during 2011.

Thanks to Dread, the podcast will be sounding more fresh than ever. We have a new 4-track that will allow us to mic up the treehouse just right. You will love our voices, even if Johnny Deep is still a mime.

Next, Boston's season starts on February 26th! It has been months since I have called a game with Lady Oshun, so I am really excited to get back on the PA at Shriners with her. And with Montreal coming down to take on our dear sweet Massacre, that means we will get a game that's definitely worth calling.

That very next week, I'll be out in Washington State for the WildWest Showdown! It's my first tournament without Dread. I feel kind of weird not being with my missus, but Lady O, my announcin' spouse will be with me. Thus, we have won a battle.

I will still update here from time to time, but it's also going to take a backseat to my thesis, which is due in June. Things will be rocking, but I will not forsake you.

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