Thursday, March 3, 2011

Gender Bending? Widowers wearing their girls "team jacket"

In the United States, it's pretty common to see young ladies wearing their boyfriend's sports jacket, or team jersey either around town or to pass through a crowded living room of roommates to get ice cream before retreating back into her boyfriend's room. Before roller derby entered my life, after my days of being a fabulous Drag Princess, I normally borrowed just Dread's shoes:

 However, the flat-and-banked track revolution has seen the rise of widows with the Y chromosome sporting team t-shirts, merch, and sometimes their own lady friend's jersey at bouts. The more conservative, but nevertheless die-hard will wear shirts with names printed on the back like "Mr. Splatter," "Lady Shatterly's Lover," or "Philzie." Widows of the same-sex as their partners are often in on this, too, but for those in a heterosexual relationship (Tab Wang into Slot Vay Jammy) a man exhibiting this behavior is a pretty recent phenomenon. We just think it's old hat because we have forgotten that derby hasn't been around that long.

Pictured: Older than modern derby but damn cute.

  It's a tradition I hope will never die.

Hey, this came from my blog. Google searches love me.

The coolest thing about this is that it shows a real outpouring of love, support, and even parents get into it. Poppa Feevs, Boston's original hardcore daddy is a fixture. But as we pull fans from the families of volunteers and officials, will this tradition continue?


I am a little upset he didn't come as Dread, though.

Kidding aside, gentlemen I support your support. Now walk to your girlfriend's fridge in her women's size tiny tee and get yourself a Fanta. Don't worry about putting on pants, it was okay when she did it in your dodgeball team's shirt.

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