Tuesday, August 2, 2011


It's been age. Why? Where have you been, Pelvis Costello? Did you quit roller derby in silence? Nay, my friends. I am still part of the world of flat track competition, though I'd be lying if I told you that my involvement's been at the level last seen in March.

I graduated from Bennington College in June. What a fantastic, if bittersweet, thirteen days it was, dear readers. While many of you were making your way to Feasterville, PA for ECDX 2011, I was preparing my commencement speech, giving a lecture about amoral protagonists, and reading one of the stories from my Derby Widows collection. Writers are often reserved, quiet people for whom public speaking can be more terrifying than it is to the average person (certainly a drunk sorority girl). However, years of hamming it up, coupled with over two years of announcing made it pretty easy.

You were at ECDX, I was graduating. You know, in my own way.

I miss Bennington. I miss that sense of community centered around something I love. Derby, however, allows me a cushion. The fact I have Dread no matter what is the real thumbs up. Still, writing is what I feel I was always meant to do, so I've stayed in the loop when it comes to readings, keeping in touch with my classmates, and actually typing out ideas that my brain poops.

Last weekend was Roller Consolation. I have a special place in my heart for Roller Consolation, and the ladies of NHRD. Additionally, seeing people from around New England (and other places -- Michigan, WTF?) with whom I've had too few encounters this year was a gas. Annie Cockeldoux, Blitzkrieg Blondie, and so many others made my night. It was also great to call with Thundadome and KevinUP for six bouts. Six. That's a lot. And I kept my voice, which was brilliant. The afterparty was a subdued affair at Jillian's. I spent the last hour of the evening driving Hayley Contagious' car back to my house while she slept in the passenger seat. It was heaven.

This week, we're gearing up for Boston's playoff doubleheader where I get to call with the Reverend Al Mighty, the boys, and LADY O! I'm also able to watch the playoff game which means I get to watch Dreadnought from the comfort of the crash pads on the floor. Which isn't really comfortable, but it's a fine place to hide.


  1. i think everyone was exhausted when they got to the after party.. but it was really nice. Food, drinks, the band on the deck... time to just kick back and relax.. Hey you forgot to mention your famous red derby skinz and boots.. really ? lol NICE

  2. There are no pictures, so it's all right not mention my red skinz. I mean, it's not so out of character for me to wear them.

  3. Hey! Bennington already misses you. We know who to go for if we need a printer...but what will we do for entertainment?