Monday, August 22, 2011

Nuts out? Not quite

For fans of the Nutcrackers, the last two seasons have been tough. After winning the Fez Cup in their first undefeated season, veterans retired, others left town, and some made the march into Massacre-only competition. 2010 was a building season for the Nuts, where they took on far more new talent than ever before. With a sea of new folks, the ladies in pink took on a veteran-heavy Wicked Pissahs and a more evenly-mixed Cosmonaughties in a season where the Nutcrackers didn't gain a single win in home-team competition.

It was a hard time, but the fans began to multiply. A year of defeat showed the team who was a fair-weather fan and who really gave a damn. Thus, when 2011 began, the amount of people in pink and black in the stands was both surprising and mind-blowing. Just a year back, some asinine dude wanted to beat up my boy Jared because he was wearing pink pants. We know this because Johnny Deep, my best friend in the whole world, heard the man shrieking, "PINK PANTS," and accusing Jared of being in love with "man genitalia." Yikes.  This year, however, even my father had been wearing pink and black over his annoyingly chiseled physique as if to say, "yes, I love my daughter-in-law's team. I hope you are loud and stupid in my general direction."

Boston Derby Dames August Bouts-204
Her father-in-law will beat you up if you boo. Or wear feathers.

With the exception of a couple of blowouts this year, the Nuts maintained pretty close scores against the Cosmos and Pissahs half the time. Being a Nut fan is like being a diehard Sox and Bruins fans. You cheer them even when they're losing...and when they win, you are unprepared. So when they beat the Cosmonaughties 168-80... people went nuts. As well they should. A Nutcracker win, if it happened, should have only been twenty or so points ahead. But no, they brought every tactic to bear and neutralized the Cosmonaughties.

Given my history with the two teams before I was an announcer, I love when they face off. Because calling it down the middle only means I get super-excited for every great play that either team made. But in the end, I made a vow to love, honor, and cherish (wait, I think something about fightin' and vengeance and all that in my vows...Scott? What was it again?) only one skater. Dread. So, as she ends her tenure as captain of the Nuts with a big win at the playoffs, the emotions are high. Seeing Dread ecstatic and crying was overwhelming to fans who only see her from the stands.

How did I feel?

Boston Derby Dames August Bouts-264
Pretty good.

Photos here are by David Andrew Morris. I like him.

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  1. For the record, I believe it involved something about "cleansing the unworthy so that they might not taste the fruits of Valhalla," but I could be paraphrasing.