Thursday, November 10, 2011

On my way

Here we are at the beginning of my trip to beautiful Denver, Colorado to take part in the WFTDA's 2011 Championship Tournament or as it's known to the hip, swanky internet kids:

Three days in the suburbs of a town filled with fun, friends, and competing skaters. But first, I have to get there. I'm currently in Logan Airport, waiting to board my flight and travel through space and time to arrive a mere three hours after I take off. The ride will only take 5 hours or so. How did Doc Brown get a DeLorean to break this barrier at 88mph when a plane can go far faster, but only go back a few hours into the past?

Flying without Dread is a mixed bag. While her fear of flight makes the actual plane ride a chore, she often distracts me at the terminal gates so I don't eavesdrop on the some of the absolute mundane  conversations this side of a moms' lunch out at the local kid-friendly restaurant.

Damn, woman. You know way too much about ABC's comedy lineup. That's a fact.

My ability to keep from laughing aloud or sighing like twelve-year-old girl aside, I am jazzed as hell to get my ass to Denver. Last year, our trip to the Windy City was absolutely magical. Walking with Dumptruck and Lady O down the streets of Chicago at three in the morning, with DT in an old Dairyland Dolls uniform/dress, was one of the highlights of the weekend. That and never going to bed. This time around, it's a bit more business than pleasure, but I'm sure I'll get in some dancing. Of all the activities I can do on a big trip like this, that seems the least likely to adversely effect my performance.

I'm starting tomorrow's festivities on the House Mic with John Maddening and Dill Hero, which should be a great time. After that, look for me on throughout the day for interviews before Mike Chexx and I call Philly vs. Naptown for the internet at 7:15 Mountain time. That is , if the games start on time...which may not happen, but who cares? There is so much to see.

My goals for the weekend:
  1. Call the best games imaginable.
  2. Get Prissassin her shirt.
  3. Ger patches for Dread.
  4. Take photos like nuts.
  5. Kick a lot of hiney.
  6. Catch up with some people I rarely get to see.
Hm. Those seem as pedestrian as one of my fellow travelers' explanation of the ABC series "The Middle," which I just googled. Is this a "Scrubs" spinoff? I see the janitor. Anyway, what do you want to see? What pictures or features might you, the reader wish for me to put up here?

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