Thursday, March 8, 2012

No, not dead.

I have been a busy young man. The off-season has afforded me a chance to really concentrate on writing and it has been time well spent. Since last I wrote to you I've written a couple of new stories, had a couple of articles published, and submitted my own work to various literary mags and agents. With any luck, my fiction will reach an audience beyond my household and peers, but we'll see. published the last blog post I made here on their website and I had a brand new article, just for them, put up last week. A part two is in the works and it should be up soon.

Additionally, I was selected as the Eastern Rep for AFTDA for the second year in the row. That's pretty cool. Announcing is easily my favorite part of being involved in this sport, so another year with this austere group is an honor.

I'm working with BDD and NHRD this year, but both have amazingly full schedules. While I will be spinning those two plates, I made a deal with myself that my own life takes precedence. We'll see how that goes.

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