Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Things are so busy, I'm getting damn dizzy

Hello, my friends!

I have received word that many of you thought this blog to be abandoned. As if I could quit you, derbysphere. Granted, I'd written entries for derbylife.com and there's a review of Derby Baby! that's coming out in fiveonfive magazine. But outside of my time on the microphone, I've been pretty quiet.

There was a reason, my dear denizens of the flat track. When I'm not dropping esoteric references to the films of Paul Reubens between jams, I've been writing. A lot. Some of you may remember that I graduated a year ago with my MFA in Creative Writing from Bennington College. Or as Reverend Al called it, "Pelvis didn't go to ECDX that year."

Battling through the molasses of post-graduate life, it was a constant struggle to write. Tournaments and job searches took up a lot time. I had to remind myself that Dread would enjoy the company of a husband that wasn't hidden in a loft whenever I wasn't on the road. Thankfully, I married an artist, so it doesn't take much face time before she banishes me to my sky-lit aerie while she continues to make kick ass clothes, hats, or whatever else.

Though it was a fight, I continued to keep writing. And now, I've gotten my fiction published at last. Most notably, apt magazine published my story, "Difficult Terrain." I know you spent all your money on tickets to this year's various tournaments. Well, I love you and so do the people at apt. You can read it here. Like them on Facebook and subscribe to their magazine. You'll be glad you did.

But the good new has continued. On a submission tear, I went for broke and sent out a collection of short stories to a few places. Today, Leapfrog Press announced the finalists and honorable mentions of their 2012 fiction contest. Check it out. Derby Widows is listed! The names on this list are connected to amazingly talented folks and to be among them is by far the most humbling thing I've experienced in years.

I would so wear that to a reading.

While Leapfrog only publishes the winner, the nod from this press has only made me more determined to send out its stories and the manuscript to more places. The journey for that little collection isn't over. It's my hope that its stories will find the light of day in the near future. If they do, I'll let you know.

While you're at it, don't forget to check out those awesome publishing houses I mentioned above and get yourself some reading material as you travel the country, bouting like the stars you are, you beautiful messes.